The Notorious B.L.T.

A vegan version of the classic BLT, made with seitan, lettuce, and tomato.


The Break Fast Die Young is a classic breakfast sandwich with perfectly seasoned tofu, ‘Follow Your Heart’ American Cheese, house-made veggie sausage, and veganaise on an English muffin. Sold Frozen, just heat and eat!

The Mayham

The Mayham is a ham and bacon sandwich with ‘Follow Your Heart’ American Cheese, garlic, onions, jalapeño, mushrooms, and blue cheese with Chipotle mayo on rustic white bread. Spicy crazy deliciousness!

The War Enscramble

A breakfast sandwich with perfectly seasoned tofu and veggie scramble, with hunks of juicy seitan, topped with kale, tomato, and a slice of ‘Follow Your Heart’ American Cheese. On Portland French Bakery Sourdough.

WichFinder General

Our take on the classic. Tofurky and creamy Chao cheeze, dressed will crisp lettuce and fresh tomato and our own house-infused dill mayo.

Lord of the Wings

Tangy Seitan Steak with Blue Cheese and Sweet n’Spicy Rainbow (in the dark) Slaw.

The Steak Bite Love

Our version of the classic Philly Cheese Steak. House-seasoned seitan smothered with sautéed onions and peppers atop our own house-made spicy cheeze spread and house-seasoned spicy mayo. On a Portland French Bakery hoagie-style ciabatta roll.

The Snaxegrinder

An Italian-style grinder sandwich with seitan, house-made marinara, sautéed mushrooms and black olives, spicy house-made cheeze spread, and house-seasoned balsamic mayo. On a Portland French Bakery hoagie-style ciabatta roll.

We will be adding more sandwiches soon - looking forward to sharing with you!